Musical Noise

I like a variety of music, often I am unsure as to the type or genre of music in particular. I listen to the words of many and how they are to shape a mood.

I find music is a place to allow an expression of power and feeling through rhythem and words. You can often feel the emotion of the singer(s) through the tones they use and words chosen to express.

I often listen to dance music, some is considered trance, electro, among other things – I like the way the beat is generated and tones work around to create a kind of motion in the wind that if listend closely is like a journey that you can allow your mind to follow and explore.

A lot of it is repetative but calming at the same time. I’ve noticed that if you truelly do listen to music the backing rhythems are generally in blocks of 8 beats and then it repeats. The tones may change but the pattern remains.

I like it 🙂 Its all good – different people have different views on the Good part but someone must have liked it otherwise it wouldn’t have been saved.