Backing up

How often do you backup your PC? Ever? I know a lot of people that loose so much data from their PCs be it their documents, music or pictures or their entire system due to anything from a virus, and spyware to hardware failure or spilling something on the PC.

I dont really know the best way for backups but will explain how I’ve got some of mine setup. I’ve worked with the theory its better to have multiple copies of something than one.

Entire PC

I’ve 2 backup hard disks that i’ve backed my PC up to. I’ve done this using the program “symantec Ghost” which takes an image of the computer and stores it in a file.

If your PC dies, you can “restore” the PC to that days image with all programs and settings all there. Any new files including documents, new email will not appear to be there and should be backed up reguarly.

I tend to update the image once every 3 to 6 months. I keep the old ones, and usually delete the old ones when they are over 2 years old or replace the PC.


I back my documents up to an external Hard drive as well as to an offline location. I have my files copied to the external drive once a month and online generally once a week.

I use a program named “SyncBack Pro” – There is a freeware version aswell but is a lot slower but does the job.

I use hosting from Powweb as they give so much space and bandwidth to use and have provided a good service to me for several years. I’ve used their services since around 2000 where they offered about 300MB of space that over time has grown – last check it was closer to 300GB of space – I’ve used around 40GB of space with backups and websites.

Syncback can be setup to run in the background where it can backup any files changed on your PC to an online copy assuming you have an internet connection.

Backing up online is only really recommended if your on a fast broadband connection as upload speed is often limited – it is not the same as your download connection speed thats usually advertised.

• 320GB external Hard disk – around £ 70
• Syncback pro – Around £ 36 (Freeware version is free)
• Ghost – Around £40 (often cheaper if bought with anti-virus)
• Hosting = $140 for 2 years = £100 for 2 year (around £ 4.20 a month)

Totals ish:
• Initial Cost: £ 250 (including 2 years hosting)
• Continued costs (annual): £70 (hosting) [After initial 2 years]

Symantec Ghost
Sync Back
Powweb [hosting]
External Hard drive