Face the Fear

I’ve been trying recently to do things that fear me usually – to face the fear and get out and progress in life instead of hiding around a what if.

This past week in trampolining I managed a front drop easily, and then seat to front – doesn’t sound like much but its something i’ve struggled with for months and now I can do it. Can I replicate it wednesday now i’ve been thinking about it? Lets see.

Theres things I got past at Spring Harvest, but that will come when finally writen up. Soon I will be doing an 100ft Abseil drop in Guisbrough. I’m terrified of heights but think I can get past it:

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Thanks 🙂

Dream Alternative Reality – Part 1

What if the dream world was not just a dream but a possable alternative reality where the memories of here and now are mixed and able to be displayed and acted out in another place.

A strange dream is what I had or moved to an alternative reality for a few hours – in this place only 35 minutes passed – in the other days had passed.

While out with friends I was in a park, we were playing games outdoor – something we’d not done for years. It was so relaxing to get away from the work world and be with friends and just chill out.

Games like hide and seek, frizbee, tag, stuck in the mud, rounders, football – just a mixture of active games that we used to play as kids but never now relax and do anymore.

I feel so energised and was running around in a field and was suddenly walking down a street where everything had changed. Things around me looked very old but new at the same time. The style had been dated but seemed to be built that way.

I had fell into what seemed to be the past and for some reason I was in blackpool. I wasn’t there before so it was very odd. I don’t know if it was exactly as it should be.

I was watching the many people walking places, playing by the sea and talking to each other. The occasional arguments but generally a peace with kids playing in streets and calm weather.

One person invited me in, saying I looked lost and gave me some food and drink. They said I had a strange accent and they’d not seen me around. I felt relaxed and welcome and accepted the food and drink – it was tasty althou the water tasted a little funny.

I asked the date as people do, and they told me 19th April 1959 – I was suprised by the year as I was in 2009 earlier that day. The shock promted them to ask me more but I couldn’t share that – they’d think I was crazy.

I met with other people around the same age as me and younger – they were quite active, I remember asking one person lots of details to write here when I got back. If the young lady of 1959 in the shop by the side reads this, please get in touch – it wasn’t just a dream.

I wonder if they read this now in this date, I wonder if they kept the note – I said in 50 years checkout the internet and go to this address, I said to remember and lock it away til now – Who knows the alternative reality could truely be real and not just imagination

The dream feels like a series – a connection to somewhere else so maybe I’ll have a lot more to say. So for now…. End of Part 1

On my Bike..

A friend gave me a spare bike he had. He offered me it sometime last year and I got around to collecting it last week. I got a hand pump and blew up the tyres and checked the breaks. I dont have, lights, a lock or a helmet but last time I rode was before helmets.

I went out for a short time this saturday afternoon. It was a suprise I couldn’t do it right away – my balance and co-ordination was all over the place – after a few minutes it came back to me how to do it so I guess its true you always can ride once learnt.

It was harder work than I expected and there were lots of gears, last time I had a bike was the early 90’s and I had 5 to 7 gears max – I kept clicking through them on this bike by accident and realised why people dont wear jeans much on bikes (it gets caught)

Its another fitness thing I should do, I am so unfit now to how I used to be. I remember when young and little being able to ride for miles just for fun not for the exercise but actual fun.

Now I lack in energy to do it – think my diet has a lot to do with it and were not so active anymore – even at uni – drove to uni but it was walking all over campus and taking the stairs (I hated the lift) and it didn’t matter if I was on 2nd floor or 10th I still took the stairs.

Roller Blades

I have a pair of roller blades and a selection of pads to wear of which I look quite entertaining in.

I’ve tried teaching myself a few times to skate in them, so far i’ve not got very far. I often fall over and am very grateful of those silly looking pads that break the fall quite well.

I can remember flying though the air and landing on the pads, friends rushing over to see if I was OK and it was strange that all the impact had been stopped in those pads – they didn’t look strong enough althou I was glad for it.

The idea to learn would be a way for exercise and transport at the same time. You can get all over the place on roller blades – its like walking/running but not 🙂

A friend from uni times used to skate to uni each day – they only lived within the town centre so it wasn’t far but they got across campus very quickly.

Old Games… of my past anyhow

Many years ago, in the time when a 386 machine was new and there was no graphic cards for the home user. PCs were there for working on not particularly games…

There was a few games that were fun that I used to enjoy playing… It was generally Shareware, Freeware or Public Domain
– as you got them for free as well as a few bought ones.

Favorites were: Worms, PGA Golf and Scorched Earth (which i’m told came from the amiga era) – I often wonder what would happen if I was to play them on PCs of nowadays. These were early 90’s games – great fun – often simple but fun.

I’ve came to find the new updated version of scorched earth that needs a bit more power of a PC than the olden days but it just as much fun if a little more difficult… Its all in 3D like so many games are now.

• Game: Scorched Earth 3D

• Game: Worms

• About Shareware, Freeware or Public Domain

Fun Times 🙂

Am I only one half by being single?

This is what I thought while alone. I’ve felt alone for a long time although I have so many friends to support me i’ve not had another person to share with for a long time.

Over the past week I’ve been at spring harvest over the easter break time and picked up a few things that made sense.. One was about being only part of a person.

I need to be a full person before looking for “the other half” – we should both be full and able to exist easily without one-another: I’m not saying I want to be alone, just that I want us both to always be happy. Missing people is expected – I don’t want to be in the situation where I feel I can not go on by being alone or without someone.

A little story someone told was about a chair… Strange as it sounds it made sense.

You get a chair, and chop it in half. Half is you and half is a partner. Your love, passion etc are the sticky tape between you and add a bit of pressure and you’ll get through it – add a lot and you both break apart.

Then imagine a full chair – you are both full people – ready in life for anything – you come together and work closely together – one on the other making a very strong surface. I’m sure there will be things that get in the way and do put pressure on you but you are much stronger as you are full people.

So before I start looking for another, I am seeing how to be full again – its been a while but I see it now as a posability again.

1471 1741

I did a strange thing earlier – I typed the wrong number in to find who I just missed the call from.

I dialled 1741 instead of 1471 – I didn’t know you could find your own telephone number out – it was quite odd.

House Cleaning Time

In general I try to keep my home tidy and clean and once a week I try to blitz the place and get everything nice and tidy to a state I’d call normal and in general I’ve kept to it.

Spring Cleaning time… Its taken a few days to do it properly. All windows cleaned, Curtains washed, all skirting boards washed down, floors, cuboards cleaned out, oven cleaned and even washing the hoover/filters etc.

Its not something I mind doing, althou my organisation is awful at times it does feel good when its all sorted.

How often do people usually clean/clear things.. Is it different because I don’t have a family living with me?

I don’t know – I was always brought up with keeping things tidy and clean.. I’ve learned from talking
with others not everyone got this type of guidance but I am glad I was as its a nice place to live in 🙂

Smoothy Mix: Refreshing Energy

Time for a random Smoothy receipe that when I made it earlier was so tasty and even after leaving didn’t seperate – kept nice and smooth in the fridge.

2 x Bananas
400g Strawberries
150g Blackberries
2 tsp Cacao Nibs
3 tsp Goji Berries

Fruit juice to cover fruit in blender.

Blitz the lot, pour and Enjoy!

Break Away – Easter Time

This coming week is the easter weekend.. A few days off work and a celebration of a death to life transformation.

I am unlikely to be updating these pages for the next week as will be away to Spring Harvest to help with stewarding and don’t think i’ll have an internet connection.

IF I get a connection, then I’ll try and update the site with what is happening and what i’m up too.

I think its going to be a fun time, but a lot of hard work and energy used up. I’m really looking forward to it and hoping I have packed everything I need.