Bouncing with co-ordination

Its been a while since I did trampolining or at least it feels like a while… Its been at least 3 weeks since I’ve last been and it was very enjoyable.

Today I tried contact lenses again.. Tried them last week but it didn’t really help… got new set ordered in and tried them today…

Took me about a minute to get the first one in and about 25 minutes to get the second one in – Cleared up so I could see right in about another 20 minutes and then I could see more… Out in the side of my eye things were there again where they wern’t before (or were but kinda just a coloured blur)

I went bouncing (trampolining) that was my test… and it felt easier… more co-ordinated. I could see and wasn’t worried if I was to break the glasses or land and damage myself – I can now go for it and see what I can do.

I’ve started with about 4 hours usage and my eyes felt fine but a little adjitated coming up 4 hours but afterwards seem to have calmed quick and feel OK.

Last time I tried contacts I remember sore eyes for about a week… This time its not hurting so a good sign in my opinion.