Am I only one half by being single?

This is what I thought while alone. I’ve felt alone for a long time although I have so many friends to support me i’ve not had another person to share with for a long time.

Over the past week I’ve been at spring harvest over the easter break time and picked up a few things that made sense.. One was about being only part of a person.

I need to be a full person before looking for “the other half” – we should both be full and able to exist easily without one-another: I’m not saying I want to be alone, just that I want us both to always be happy. Missing people is expected – I don’t want to be in the situation where I feel I can not go on by being alone or without someone.

A little story someone told was about a chair… Strange as it sounds it made sense.

You get a chair, and chop it in half. Half is you and half is a partner. Your love, passion etc are the sticky tape between you and add a bit of pressure and you’ll get through it – add a lot and you both break apart.

Then imagine a full chair – you are both full people – ready in life for anything – you come together and work closely together – one on the other making a very strong surface. I’m sure there will be things that get in the way and do put pressure on you but you are much stronger as you are full people.

So before I start looking for another, I am seeing how to be full again – its been a while but I see it now as a posability again.