Down, and up again

I had an annoying realisation this morning, when I went to check on the blog and why an image was not showing up as expected. The site was gone, now fixed as your reading this but annoying to find.

Today was hosting renewal day – which is meant to be automatic, and the billing of it is – the renewal didn’t seem quite as automatic. I contacted support and after them saying its the domain peoples issue and me saying its not. They then said I set it to their domain parking page… I don’t even know how to do that?

Anyhow, as you see we’re back up and running.

I’ve not really had any real issues with the company before, and used them for around 9 years so a bug every so often is expected. Just glad no data was lost in the process.

IF your interested:

LINK: Powweb web hosting
– You get loads of space, and bandwidth and support is fast if you have an issue. I mean the issue above took about 20 minutes in an online chat to sort and its working again.

SUN, Sun, sun – Lovely weather

I was meant to be abseiling today, the event is cancelled until further notice. I’d raised £79 online (through friends sponsoring me – Thanks guys) and its already paid to the charity automatically online which seems to have missed part of the point.

Anyhow maybe it will go ahead someday. Tis annoying when you put money up for events that fall through.

in the park

Gorgeous day, lovely sun – a little breeze. I decided to go on the bike for a bit – after about 20 mins felt out of breath. So unfit – really need to sort that. I looked over – I was close to the park so rode over and chilled for a bit.

Deep blue sky, bright green trees, lots of kids, animal, adults and bikes including me. People lazing in the warmth of the sun taking time out.

Its good to sit back, read & relax and watch the world some days – Like the animals & kids falling in the fountain. Entertainment all around us.

Glad I brought the sun cream out, its quite warm out when sitting/laying about.

All in all, was out about 2 and a half hours, enjoying the weather on the bike and headed home and had a mini BBQ – Delicious.

Backup Internet

After advice from a friend and my internet dying a few weeks ago I decided to look into getting a work around – I bought a mobile dongle off ebay for three internet.

Works out to get 1GB of traffic about £10 on PAYG. I did a little test on how much internet traffic I used apparently through the dongle. I was on 5 minutes and apparently used over 3,000K (3MB) of transfer – I don’t think i’d last long on 1GB usage and that was without the music from spotify – I think that worked out to be around 2 days use if that.

But its a backup so I would generally be using it for email, and probably MSN. I should probably make a bookmark set of basic pages – ones that don’t eat bandwidth for when I’m using it. On a 50mb (20mb ish) connection I don’t often think of bandwidth or speed usage but wouldn’t want to use all my usage in a day or less.

Cost of dongle was around £50, knocked down in shops to around £30 but on ebay was £15 inc Postage so got one there. I was considering when it was £30 – Glad I opened the ebay email advert for a change.

The BBQ Plan

I have many plans at home, how i’d like to have my garden area laid out at the front and the back. At the back I have a yard and a garage. I have what used to be an ivy plant now stump at the back of the garage. I’d like to eventually get rid of it and setup a BBQ there.

I’d like to setup a stone/brick one and looked into it. I’ve found places where you can get the parts and think it will cost around £80 for supplies and an afternoon (or few) and a lot of patience to make it.

It would be nice, althou I don’t really do BBQs to have one – not entirely sure if its safe thou to be so close to the back of the house and on the garage but will look into it more before trying it – I think it’s fine but better sure than boom!

Would be nice though.. Seen the grills have enamal on them so they don’t rust.

Some links if your interested:

Bricks & cement/sand would also be needed. Just an idea 🙂

Ice Skating

I want to learn to to ice skate properly. I do have a pair of ice hockey boots – they feel very differently to ice skate boots – I think I should have stayed with them instead.

I’ve not fallen over in a while but don’t know how to stop once I get started. I’ve always enjoyed skating and its a place where I’ve made some of my greatest friends (you know who you are)

When I’ve spoken to people about it they’ve asked if a TV programme has influenced me… I rarely watch judged programmes on TV unless its been on while round a friends place.

Something I enjoyed when I was younger, and even after injury did not put me off for long… my brother caught my finger with the skate (thank goodness the blades were not that sharp otherwise i’d probably be a finger down now)

If it was cheaper, I guess I’d go more often or if I had people to learn with but it usually comes down to cost and its still too much but nice for a change 🙂

Bank Holiday weekend start

I sit here at home, writting up on here thinking of what a nice weekend this is. Its very peaceful or so it feels. Apparently we are having heavy rain all weekend but so far its just been a little cloudy but warm.

I’ve got a lot done already – things I thought may take all weekend such as clearing some of the garden but with the rain over the last few days things just came out quick which was nice.

I woke up early for a saturday, just after 9am so not a lazing day too much – maybe because I’m looking after the kittens and know they need to be fed and set free in the house – maybe I just rested well… Either way I was up and got everything sorted before 1pm.

Its been a calm day apart from kittens pestering for constant attention or attacking each other and their reflections.

Now its just after 9pm and I’m wondering what to do. Everyone is out or busy already, I’ve tried TV, Games, music & Dance, and now internet. Finding something to do that doesn’t cost cash seems difficult so its back to music and internet, or music and writing this.

Hope you’ve read the spring harvest parts, I’ve got more to write but still haven’t worked out how to put it into words – it’ll come in time. I had an amazing time there and met loads of people I hope that I will get to know better, anyhow for now… if you see me online say “hi” 🙂 Thanks

I’ve friends hopefully coming sunday night, staying monday or so and look forward to seeing them again. Its been a while, but it doesn’t seem to matter how long its been – we always enjoy the company and seeing each other.

What to do… Wonder if I have a BBQ…

Spring Harvest – Part 3

And so it starts: We are asked what event would we like to be on… think about it: Kids? Main Venue? Particular seminar? I was thinking out it – this was before teams were set out… then remembered “I am here to help” – I decided not to choose and just went where I was wanted. I asked for things that were not particulary youth related as done that every other stewarding time and would like change but would do whatever.

A typical stewarding day for me:

6:30am Up and shower
7:00am Breakfast
7:30am Team Meeting
9:00am The big start – a half hour welcome to the day [non stewarding]
9:30am to 1pm Venues
1pm til 2pm: Lunch
2pm to 4:45pm: Venues
4:45 to 6pm: Dinner
6:00 to 9pm: Venue
9:30pm to 10:40pm: Venue
10:40pm: Finish or go help with others

We were staying in shared accomodation – chalets, with a full bed and heater in room and washing facilities – Nice hot shower. Not like other harvest in a tent… Very different.

Breakfast was my favorite meal of the day: Grapefruit to start, followed by Bacon, Sausages, Fried Egg, Beans and a few other things I think. Cups of tea and fresh orange juice too.

At lunch it was a roast dinner, and tea was a packed lunch. I can honestly say I didn’t really feel like snacking during the day but think that eating more earlier would be more beneficial and easier to burn off each day – could help get my health back to how it was if not better.

Spring Harvest – Part 2

I prayed a prayer before coming – asking God to help me to serve and to show me some direction and hopefully make some good new friends along the way… He came through on this one 🙂

I went with the attitude of talk to anyone, as if they don’t like you its no loss – I didn’t know them before now. It seemed easy althou hard too – to be able to mix in with groups that came together and break up the clique area – everyone ended up in groups of their own but we also came together well and worked as a Team which was excellent.

The first night was good – we got to enjoy the final night of the last weeks event as part of the event and seeing 4 to 5 thousand people all worshiping together. There was interpretors on stage for signing and people and seats everywhere.

Music, Talk, and prayer were all there. Stories told that helped answer questions. Realisations in self that can not be put into words but an action of somethingness – a meaning within. It made sense and I know it to be right but to explain what… I can not.

I had a good night, and we went to our accomodations. I found it strange that people did tend to settle quickly. Other camps I’ve been on – the first night is when people get to know each other. I had a wonder in different events, but went to bed quite early myself – by about 11.30pm.

Spring Harvest – Part 1

I have been trying for weeks to put into words what happened at spring harvest – what I felt, how it impacted life and how if at all it all fits together.

Well, I’m still trying to work it out but will try to just tell the story I have in my head and see if that makes sense.

Spring harvest was over the easter week of 2009. It covered 3 weeks and I was helping on a stewarding team of week 2. There was meant to be around 60+ of us, there was around 48 I think.

We worked well as a team, aswell as our mini teams too.

I went to spring harvest with one thought: What next. I’ve been stuck in life for a while wondering of direction and how to “trust in God” as people put it. I’ve been stuck wondering what direction should I take and what are the options. I’ve not seen anything, and just accepted that this is life. This is where I am.

I drove down and got lost on the way, the sat nav was a little useful not so if you wanted it for directions thou – for some reason it never thought I was on the road – I was just beside the road running parallel. It liked to tell me to take the road on my left that I had just passed with no hope of turning round so easy to say I got lost easily.

I finally got to spring harvest – the weather was awsome on arrival – the drive althou getting lost a little of the time was still nice – a light breeze with a warm but not blinding sunlight. Great driving conditions.

I arrived, I didn’t know anyone and finally found the team lounge – collected a collection of keys and passes, IDs and papers and signed in.. What next – Chat to random people… What else was I to do – I came alone.

SH – Back to Real Life

I’ve returned back to work, I don’t feel anyone notices anything about me. I don’t think I’m noticed unless fixing something thats gone wrong.

I’m talking more but feel no-one is listening. I just get on and hope that while I try to help – they see something good in me.

It was very easy to drop back into “work” life. Although not sure I just want to fit drop in. It was a tiring day and I had a nap in the evening – don’t think i’ve eaten right as my energy levels were low.