Dance Power

To see the power and energy in dance, while loads of people dance together is quite overwhelming if you allow yourself to feel the energy.

I’ve noticed in life there are different energies – like feelings of power about you. There is blessed spirit power from God, there is a kind of nuetral power that is not focused but exists, and then a power of negativity and dispair.

Many use dance as expression and a way to well get someone to go home with, but it can be more powerful – to help extend feeling through fluid motion.

The other night, I found a friend at the Student union Awards night I wasn’t expecting. We just saw each other in passing at the students union but later on bumped into each other a few times.

I got to talk, and we danced… I discovered she had also done salsa dancing – I could see from the basic count she was doing and general dance – It was really enjoyable to well kinda salsa dance, althou the music was really too fast for it.