Tasty suculent chicken thing

I made a nice chicken thing today… No idea why I made it that way… fancied something and kinda just made it up – its quite yummy.

I got one large onion and chopped into 8ths and put in bottom of dish, added some vegi stock, garlic, leak and peppers and stirred.

Added 3 breast of chicken – sprinkled fresh chillis on top and stired in. Then added a foil tray, a little oil and some peppers, leak & Onions.

Covered the lot and let cook on gas mark 4 for an hour. Emptied the oil from the foil tray into chicken mix and returned to heat for 15 minutes.

The chicken has turned out firm and nice with kinda roasted peppers next to it 🙂 The liquid I strained and stored to make the base of a soup this week.

Tastes good.

My ingredients:

1 x leak
1 x Large Onion chopped into eighths
2 x peppers chopped in to chunks
1 x Vegi Stock cube, 1x Chicken stock cube
1 to 2 pints of hot water
4 x Garlic Cloves
2 x Chilli Peppers deseeded finally chopped