SH – Back to Real Life

I’ve returned back to work, I don’t feel anyone notices anything about me. I don’t think I’m noticed unless fixing something thats gone wrong.

I’m talking more but feel no-one is listening. I just get on and hope that while I try to help – they see something good in me.

It was very easy to drop back into “work” life. Although not sure I just want to fit drop in. It was a tiring day and I had a nap in the evening – don’t think i’ve eaten right as my energy levels were low.

One thought on “SH – Back to Real Life

  1. As some might say, their spirit is gone.

    Some are like that where I work; others are more chatty but you know the limits when they start drifting out of interest.

    A few though, take interest, especially when you constantly express yourself in a way that piques interest; it can be contagious.

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