Bank Holiday weekend start

I sit here at home, writting up on here thinking of what a nice weekend this is. Its very peaceful or so it feels. Apparently we are having heavy rain all weekend but so far its just been a little cloudy but warm.

I’ve got a lot done already – things I thought may take all weekend such as clearing some of the garden but with the rain over the last few days things just came out quick which was nice.

I woke up early for a saturday, just after 9am so not a lazing day too much – maybe because I’m looking after the kittens and know they need to be fed and set free in the house – maybe I just rested well… Either way I was up and got everything sorted before 1pm.

Its been a calm day apart from kittens pestering for constant attention or attacking each other and their reflections.

Now its just after 9pm and I’m wondering what to do. Everyone is out or busy already, I’ve tried TV, Games, music & Dance, and now internet. Finding something to do that doesn’t cost cash seems difficult so its back to music and internet, or music and writing this.

Hope you’ve read the spring harvest parts, I’ve got more to write but still haven’t worked out how to put it into words – it’ll come in time. I had an amazing time there and met loads of people I hope that I will get to know better, anyhow for now… if you see me online say “hi” 🙂 Thanks

I’ve friends hopefully coming sunday night, staying monday or so and look forward to seeing them again. Its been a while, but it doesn’t seem to matter how long its been – we always enjoy the company and seeing each other.

What to do… Wonder if I have a BBQ…

One thought on “Bank Holiday weekend start

  1. “Finding something to do that doesn’t cost cash seems difficult”

    I have this problem.

    BBQ sounds nice. I have some charcoal; want me to bring a bag? 🙂

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