The BBQ Plan

I have many plans at home, how i’d like to have my garden area laid out at the front and the back. At the back I have a yard and a garage. I have what used to be an ivy plant now stump at the back of the garage. I’d like to eventually get rid of it and setup a BBQ there.

I’d like to setup a stone/brick one and looked into it. I’ve found places where you can get the parts and think it will cost around £80 for supplies and an afternoon (or few) and a lot of patience to make it.

It would be nice, althou I don’t really do BBQs to have one – not entirely sure if its safe thou to be so close to the back of the house and on the garage but will look into it more before trying it – I think it’s fine but better sure than boom!

Would be nice though.. Seen the grills have enamal on them so they don’t rust.

Some links if your interested:

Bricks & cement/sand would also be needed. Just an idea 🙂