Down, and up again

I had an annoying realisation this morning, when I went to check on the blog and why an image was not showing up as expected. The site was gone, now fixed as your reading this but annoying to find.

Today was hosting renewal day – which is meant to be automatic, and the billing of it is – the renewal didn’t seem quite as automatic. I contacted support and after them saying its the domain peoples issue and me saying its not. They then said I set it to their domain parking page… I don’t even know how to do that?

Anyhow, as you see we’re back up and running.

I’ve not really had any real issues with the company before, and used them for around 9 years so a bug every so often is expected. Just glad no data was lost in the process.

IF your interested:

LINK: Powweb web hosting
– You get loads of space, and bandwidth and support is fast if you have an issue. I mean the issue above took about 20 minutes in an online chat to sort and its working again.