Lifestyle changes..

I have decided that over the next few months I am trying to loose some weight and get fitter aswell. I started “thinking” about it last year but just didn’t do anything until about mid January unless you count the dance thing which does help but was intended as a fun thing rather than a specific fitness thing.

I will be trying a few different things over the next few months in the hope that I be fit enough to try events at the end of summer. I’ve seen things I would love to say I was a part of but at the moment in no fit way to do and instead of just thinking I’m doing.

I intend to change what I eat if I can, aswell as increase exercise. I read you should do at least 30 mins exercise a day as an adult – preferably exercise that gets you warm, and a little out of breath. I know its going to be hard work but hopefully over time it will benefit me – i.e. I wont be out of breath so quickly and easily.