Raising money – An idea

Helping myself and friends out of debt… an idea. Can we raise money sponsor wise etc to help support ourselves to pay for past education and time as a student that has got many of us in debt.

I’ve a variety of ideas and found loads of sites to help fund raise but most require a few of us to do them. My plan would be to try and get 4 to 5 people together or more to do this. We run a variety of events and the profits split between us to pay for studenthood and past debts to try and clear an overhead that is over so many of us.

We’ve all heard of “debt” agencies but who here would like to get rid of Credit cards, overdrafts, loans etc. I rekon that if we worked together we could probably make quite a difference – but working together is something thats always been hard for people in general.

Anyone know who would be interested? I have a few people in mind, some of which I know reads here.

2 thoughts on “Raising money – An idea

  1. depends what it is…..also when it is, i’d be up for anything silly 🙂
    Also have you tried C.A.P (www.capuk.org/)


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