Existance – What ?

I sometimes think about the existance of us all. Why we exist and what is existance – Are we existing because we are a person, or people or is it the mind that is what we are?

Are we just a mixture of memories moulded from time spent with other people or alone – mixed experiences or did we have something before that? Something we liked, enjoyed, hated. Did we have habits pre-programmed into us that create who we are or help when mixed with an upbringing.

Is it just that – an upbringing – we are the people that other people made us – we had no before, we were born and then people and things around us made us who we are…

Is existance being a person – a body here for the world to see in general. When people are in accidents and loose a limb are they less of a person in existance terms – a question to ask yourself

Do we exist only when in this world or is there other levels of existance. Often i’ve seen that people say they’re is a higher state of existance – usually in a medatative state where the body is not where life is but where the mind is focused instead.