MIND You, Can probably do more.

Using the mind we can control so much of ourselves. Subconciously we control everything within our bodies such as breathing, moving blood around, generating energy and using it, creating skin and repairing self among lots of other things.

We can train ourselves to do so much more but it often forgotten that the mind is the control. We train ourselves to do sports, move our bodies in different ways to different actions. We learn to read and write – processing patterns and replicating them with movements all controlled with the mind.

How about when we choose to control some of the subconsious things in life. For example while swimming, we control our breathing so we don’t swallow water and drown ourselves.

What if we took control of other things like healing – I don’t think it will be simple but think its viable to do. Our mind knows how to heal the body – its been doing it automatically in the background – but what if we give it a priority. Is it possable – I Think it is and hope to procede further with it.

Many years ago at school (in the early 1990’s) I learned that I could lower my temperature in my hands and feet by thought. It took concentration, and trying to quieten everything around me so that I could cool down.

I understood that when blood circulation is slowed down, the body wasn’t working as hard and didn’t produce the heat that kept the body warm. I’m not sure if its true that but in my mind it conciously logically made sense and seemed to cool my hands and feet down.

That was an experiment in life, I just wondered if it was true – it is very useful in a hot summer as some people can say my hands are freezing sometimes while its boiling hot everywhere.

It didn’t work right away, and took weeks of trying with an active imagination of what if, and then it worked.. Small problem is it takes ages for them to warm up again – I’ve not quite worked the reverse out yet and its over 15 years since I learned it.