CHOICE – Do I really have Any?

Did we have a choice in how we are? am I writing this or you reading this by choice or is it a pre-programmed sequence that was always known to happen from a base calculation that expodentially carries on into something we can not possably understand as so many variables are now in place.

I have heard there are plans for life, a plan for every person but we have a choice whether to follow the plan or take our own direction. Does taking our own plan affect others, does our choice not to follow the plan of life stop another from completing theirs – i’d think it could.

If it is known how the plan will procede, and that it will happen a set way where is the choice? The idea of a choice is nice as it makes you think you are in control but with so many outside variables how are we ever in control to even have a choice.

We are given a set of directions, we know from past experiences what some will do so we follow what we feel is right, circumstances direct our path – we think we’ve made a choice where weve actually followed the path that was set out. Choice may have been there but was it us that made them?