a FREE People

Are we a free people, what is it in life that makes us free. Are all people free in some way?

IF existance is the mind and the mind is just trapped within a body then no one is ever free as we are limited by what the body can provide. However if the mind is of the body but the mind is not just the body then everyone is free as the mind can take us anywhere if we allow it or give it direction.

To fly… Within dreams I like to fly – a freedom to go anywhere without fear, some may find it odd – I find it enjoyable and when I awake I always feel happy after a flying dream.

There is so much pain in the world – so much hunger, poverty and destruction aswell as wealth, glory, and happyness. There is more than enough on this planet to sustain us all and for everyone to be happy but greed often takes its toll and everything is not shared as needed.

Many of us feel what we think of as so many posative and negative emotions on a weekly if not daily basis that our moods are all over the place. People take drugs, herbs and alternative to try to feel more posative – is it right to do so?

Are they provided on the planet for the reason to make us feel better or were they actually produced so that they helped provide for animals or other plant life? I don’t know but do know that people in general try to use things for themselves as much as possable before looking out to others.

Here people are generally free, but we are governed by an overseeing society that tracks so much.

Think supermarket and those vouchers you got because you’d bought something before so much the supermarket now thinks they know what you’ll like so you’ll come back again and again.

A Free People – possable maybe, in reality not BUT its a nice idea