Beer Ka-Boom!

Ever wondered… what if… Beer cans.. hmm

I did earlier but for something silly. I wondered what would happen if I stabbed a box of beer cans with the garden fork so I did… I got a lot wetter than expected.

The thing is I had a box of old beer cans – all full, unopened cans that had been in my garage for a while – The garage leaked and the box that had the cans in filled up with a wierd guepy water like substance that didn’t smell nice and was kinda slimey so I went to clean them out.

While cleaning I realised all cans were at least 3 months out of date, some were 2008 – guess it shows how often I drink of them so thought drain and recycle the cans but have you tried opening cans and emptying – its boring so wondered what could do it faster… Then out came the Garden fork that was besides me.

A little stab here, and there and ka-boom, beer stuff everwhere. I did notice out of three (Boddingtons, strongbow(cider), and guiness) that Boddingtons seems to explode the best ripping the can apart.

I wish I had pictures but the camera would have probably been as covered as I was – I think I smelled like I’d had a few too many..

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