Need to sleep more maybe just differently

I’ve had headaches for a while and alothou I’ve not really had many in the last few weeks I don’t want any… The difference to now to last few weeks is work. I’ve not been to work so have probably been resting longer.

A friend suggested to me that I should try bed earlier, but I tend to sleep for just as long or short as if I go late on. Maybe I’ll get more done in a morning, or maybe i’ll just sleep more. I don’t know.

I’ll start by trying to go to bed for around midnight, and move down half an hour every few days til its 10pm. Which I still count as quite early. I’m often awake at 2am so it will be quite a change of page for the next few weeks.

I’ve tried narrowing out foods, drinks, exercise, general rest but not tried sleeping earlier… Assuming I wake up much earlier I could go swimming before work again – I know I liked that idea, althou a little crowded sometimes. Guess its fine as work is only across the carpark from the swimming pool.

Maybe it’ll help, maybe I’ll blend into the times everyone else seems to be sleeping at my age – I dont know but I guess i’ll see if I get headaches or not…

On another note, I’ve been refered to neo-rology – I think thats what it is… Cluster headaches is what I got told it is, but getting checked out anyways. Better to know than just to wonder.

So More sleep, or earlier sleep – I read once that the extra sleep before midnight was better for you than after. Not sure how that works – I think it was to get people to go to sleep earlier.

One thought on “Need to sleep more maybe just differently

  1. Neurology.

    I’ve read various articles on sleeping; mostly the state that the body needs at least 4hr 30mins and then any additional in 1hr and 30min cycles to incorporate REM up to no more than 8 to 9 hours.

    The articles also state that the quality of sleep is a factor; e.g. a 10 minutes ‘power nap’ can be helpful but the quality has to be guaranteed by the following factors:

    – it’s quiet,
    – dark,
    – and no physical disturbances.

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