Wardrobe Destruction

What a fun task I had – take down the wardrobe in my room thats been there since I’ve moved in but never quite fitted as intended. My parents have got me a new wardrobe as an early Christmas present – as it was needed and the old one was coming apart kinda badly.

I took down the wardrobe very carefully to start with, and have a huge pile of screws and wood now stored within the garage. I helped when it was put up so remember mainly how to take it back down again. I say mainly anyhow.

I got the tops off, and the two main wardrobes down safely and it came to the centre piece. Something didn’t feel right, but I still continued. Everything was loose but its still wasn’t coming apart until that one screw… then KaBoom – EVERYthing came apart at once…

I should have listened to the feeling. Wish i’d caught that on camera – all you’d have seen was me left catching the electrics out of a falling down wardrobe and then a huge crash. I was pleased i’d disconnected the electrics first otherwise that would have been messy.

So… Wardrobe Destruction… Not as entertaining as Lemonade destruction (See youtube) but a different evening for me.

Now i’ve just to build the new one, but that not right away… well..