Headaches… Continued

I’ve had headeaches for a long time – well around 8 to 10 years is the furthest I can think back to them starting and bugging me. I tried all different medicines to remove them, and only found one that worked. That one got taken off the market which was very annoying as nothing else yet as worked. They last between a few days and a few weeks from something in the background to a bluring pain that makes concentration an impossability and the only thing to do it lie down and hopefully sleep.

Last thursday I went to the hospital to see a neurologist that asked about 50 or so questions, checked my eyes and general health. After answering I was told I had migrane, and another type of headache thats like a daily one that there are no real cures for but they are trying me on a preventative. The medication they are giving me I know as an anti-depresive which is not why I take it… but at a lower does is a good pain killer as effects the cause rather than the symptoms.

I’ve discovered a lot of friends on it so far for pain relief of different things so I hope it works. I’ve heard that it can make you sleep better or a lot more which can’t be too bad when I usually am up til 2am and up at 8am. So early bed times I pressume will be forced on me. It suggests that I shouldn’t drink (at least for the first month) as it will make me very very tired.

I was glad to go and get something for the headaches, but I guess i’ll see over the next few months whether it works or not as it takes a while to get in the system. Friends at work take 50mg+ and have said its made life a lot better, they still get attacks but nothing near as bad as before. So I wait and see and hope I don’t have any bad side effects.