I look up to the moon and love it when there is a clear night with all the stars and a full moon. It just feels right as how things should be. Its often cold but so peaceful too.

One night I met a friend and we both just laid back close to my home, on a field that was outside of any lighting so we could see the stars – so many beautiful stars shinning in the full moon light.

It feels that there is so much out there and we are so small but the stars look small to us and in reality are huge.. what are we to the smaller things in life. How many universes are in our hands? We could hold somethings reality and never actually know it.

I like to look up at the moon, I feel a peace and seems to refresh me. I can just stop and watch. Its always better when there are others there… Best when you can just stop together, watch and listen in silence and be free… I do love it… its very simple in life, and happens ever 29 point something days but has to be clear night or little cloud.

I think the last one was around halloween, kinda good timing in an eerie kind of way. so next one is near the start of the month so about now really.