It was school days…

I’ve been on facebook for a while and seem to get friend requests from people of school times, people that have recognised a face from back then which would be early 90’s when we were there. I’ve often added them, but put them on limited profile to start with.

I do get nosey, wondering how they’ve been and what they now do in life. I see friends leaving messages for each other from the “groups” of that time in life.

While at school, i was a quiet one. I was nervous frequently and not very confident. The only thing I was really confident with was my faith – I didn’t care what people thought of me when it came to that but anything else I seemed to stay quiet.

When I was in junior school I was loud, a lot. Which many people nowadays or even from secondary school would find it hard to believe. I was told for several years to be quiet, ignored and taunted/bullied and it was easier to be quite to please than fight it so I went quiet. Nowadays I get loud when excited but in general a quiet person.

School did shape me a lot, but college gave me a freedom I’d not known. People who were there, were there because they wanted to learn about the chosen subject and althou got picked on a little, it was a lot free’r and I could do so much more without so many limits.

Getting back to school, I knew lots of people – and lots knew me. I had a few base friends, most of which I am still great friends with and see often if not daily.

The majority of others, and maybe most that have now found me on facebook I wouldn’t recognise if out and about, but seem happy to talk via a virtual connection online. I find its great to see life changes in people. Many people i knew then are now married or in relationships… some with each other wheras at school they seemed to hate one another.

So many changes and yet still recognised to a point. Probably not by name, but the way some people looked. Its great the idea to litterally see how people are. I do like the way facebook allows you to see a kind of timeline through pictures and comments of just how some people have grown over time.

I can’t say I enjoyed school times, but do see it shaped me. Its where i realised I loved dance, but was too afraid to actually go for it. Its taken about 12 years after finishing school to finally start with dance, and I do love it althou know that I’m not particurlly good at it but its great fun.