Church – fitting in?

When it comes to church, I am never particuarly sure where I fit in. I am my own person and don’t try to merge into things anymore – I try too then miss something out and be myself and its as thou your not recognised and it felt wierd so I be me and if not liked, then nevermind at least I know it.

The church I am in, I do enjoy and its the first one in a very long time where it feels like a home church. I do wonder half the time where it is, and do need to check emails reguarly to find where it is this week. It moves around the area often as the building that was used is being re-furbished.

If I miss it, I can listen to the pod-casts they have on. Its nice to sometimes just listen or re-listen to a sermon… I like the short messages they have to say – anything more than about 20 minutes and I usually stop listening anyhow but the messages they do usually last 20 mins or less.

I don’t feel a complete part of the church but do feel welcome, still after 6 months which I think is a new record. I’ve been to so many places that welcome you for the first few weeks and if you don’t manage to merge within the set groups or cleeks then you can’t get involved easily.

I do get on with event based things with YFC and other organisations and see a church via that – a place where I meet with others and we worship by doing things and helping others aswell as the singing/praying side of stuff.

I’m not sure where I particually fit in with things but happy where i am at present.