To dance and be so free

To dance and be so free – lost in the moment.

On saturday night I went to a place in town I’ve not been before called kilamanjo’s – they had a night of salsa and food. A friend from work invited anyone who wanted to go to it, only myself and them went.

I was told the wrong time – an hour of difference so I was early – it was meant to start at 8pm – I was told 7pm so was early arriving just after 7. Gave me time to write, and mix with people as they came in.

First time in around 3 months having alchol with a tasty wine. Fruity but not too steet – then again its a red so i dont think it should be too sweet. I only had 2 glasses of wine, otherwise it was softdrinks – its not good to have a lot of alchol then try dancing – especially when co-ordination is a major factor.

Salsa Dancing

Salsa Dancing

It was good to see people smiling, I wondered how I’d get on, knowing that it was going to be fun and it was – the food was good too – think i’ll go there again even if its not a salsa night.

I hoped to get lots of dancing done and have lots of fun. It was great fun and I was told I suprised people that I could do at least the basics… I went blank and couldn’t remember how to do things so just stuck with the very basics of moves but was still a lot of fun.

I got to speak with so many people… I was alone for a while so did the general intro of “hi, I don’t really know anyone here so thought i’d introduce myself and see how it goes..” the general reply was welcoming and we got on well.

I saw a few people i’d met from classes when I started there and caught up of whats been happening in life. It was good to see them as it meant I had different groups of people to mix with and wasn’t hanging around with those that invited me.

It was a good night, and headed home soon after midnight as was tired and most people had headed off. I had a good night, with new and old friends.

I need to work out how to use confidence, and remember what I can off the moves to use when dancing.. I think half of it is wondering what others think but when I do things its enjoyable. Try to stay posative, and remember everyone was a starter at one point.