Mini Projects

I’ve a few mini projects I’m working on at the moment in the web world. I have things I’d like to be able to do but can’t do and won’t pay somewhere else to do it, or comprimise on some of my ideas of security.

Current Projects 2010: [TW-@]
Project 1:

The idea was to be able to tweet at whatever time you wanted. At present it is only set to run once an hour.

I found other sites that would do it, but they all required you to enter your twitter username and password. I didn’t want to give someone my account details and found there are other ways but they can be more complicated.

My thoughts “More complicated but safer? I could go with that and share it” so here are my thoughts in action – maybe only the first stage but at least its getting somewhere. - Shrink an url, Create a w-url

Project 2:

Idea to create my own version of the short url programs available online except instead of just one url it makes up 3 for any url entered.

There are filters now on to help reduce the spam and junk mail urls, and a report feature for urls to be reported.

The basic idea was create 3 small urls from an address. See example below:

1. Simple Re-direct

2. Redirect with Preview

3. Redirect with URL masking

Duplicate or backup an IMAP mailbox

Project 3: IMAP Mail Copy

I have a lot of email I have collected over time, When looking back I see emails from 2002 and further back.

I wanted a way that I could take a backup or copy of all my email including all folder structures with all mails inside organised as I left it to another server so I don’t loose everything easily.

I’d not found an easy way online to do it. So thought I’d try making one and share it with others that may have the same or similar issues.

I thought “Why not just copy it?”

I thought I’d try the simple way of using outlook/outlook express and logging onto both servers and copying the data across. This kind of worked, but I did need to copy each individual folder and often create many of them and slowly copy across.

Using this method meant emails were downloaded to my PC, then uploaded to the new server location. With a mailbox of several thousand messages and folder structures this was not good for time or bandwidth and not easily duplicated the next time I needed it.

So I started this project – It started off mini but seems to be growing all the same.

For more information on any of the projects click the images above, you may find them useful.