Missing @springharvest Already #SH2010

I sit around here just stopped wasting time by watching entertainment on TV – time that over the past week I’ve not even missed having a TV around. Its been Amazing, Sad, Joyful and more but so much was done in the time that was there and so many new friends made there aswell.

The daily laughter and joy, the glorious weather that seems to still be here today and all that we were blessed with. There was a Lot of work to do almost all the time, but it was worth it. Felt so much, learned new things, made friends, re-connected with a lot and remembered where a joy came from I lost so long ago.

For the past week I’ve been helping steward at Spring Harvest in skegness week one. It has been an awesome week with great people coming from all walks of life together to help people as one group. A mixture of IT, Actors, Students, Builders, Teachers, doctors and more – all working together as one body.

When something went wrong, people fell in place to fill the gaps – it was brilliant. We were all tired, somewhat exhausted, by mid to end of week but the joys, the happyness around surrounded us all.

I missed it as soon as I was driving back – so quiet – nice for a bit but no laughter, just a long drive back to the northeast.

Today has felt missing, although I rested well – A whole 6 hours longer than most of the week. No huge breakfast or lunch surrounded with friends, just back to normal – not sure I like normal anymore. Wondering what I’ve learned and what is still to come.

For the first time in a long time, I am looking forward to church and actually want to get more involved again – I’ve stood back for a while, to watch how everything goes but I dont want to watch anymore, I want an active part – some way to help and keep things going.

I hope I never forget my week, and sure I’ll be friends with many for a long time yet – The team worked – like a body of Christ in litteral meaning – we came, worked different parts and together helped.

I do not want to return to meaningless life – filling it up with technology to pass the time. It is a great connector of the world, and will help keeping connections with new friends but it also gets in the way. I hope thats not the way in the future.

It made sense for a little while.

Why is it when I get a glimpse of the meaning of everything – I can not find paper or a pen to draw/write it down…. I think I need to get a dictaphone too – althou from what I recall, I don’t think that I could put it into words.

Its happened before when everything made sense, why we are here – how everything seems to come together and makes complete sense. It makes me giggle when it happens – its only ever happened twice – Once, last wednesday night on way to trampolining, and once in the night.

I had some paper, and wrote/drew it all down and went back to sleep – it made complete sense. In the morning the paper did not make sense – there was many calculations, and diagramatic pictures but looked like scrap paper. Some one came in my room and “recycled” the papers in my room to tidy up while I was out at school. I never found the piece of paper again but hoped I would see the meaning again.

It doesn’t happen often – but when it does, it brings a smile and althou I don’t remember why it makes sense, I know that it does but most of the time I don’t understand it.

This may be wierd, but I’m glad I don’t understand why everything happens, or what may happen. I think life has a lot to do with how we get there or anywhere and how we grow. Knowing the answer right away defeats the point and can ruin the acheivement of it all.

Must remember password…

So I’ve not updated for a long time and in reality not going to again for at least another week or so, but found my password so thought i’d say – I’m getting there.

Its not a great idea to have everything backed up but forget your passwords – can really screw things up… So back them up somewhere and not just in Firefox or Internet explorer – however if you do save in Firefox – There are tools such as MozExport to backup and restore later on.

Maybe I should’ve take my own advise and backed them up too.