It made sense for a little while.

Why is it when I get a glimpse of the meaning of everything – I can not find paper or a pen to draw/write it down…. I think I need to get a dictaphone too – althou from what I recall, I don’t think that I could put it into words.

Its happened before when everything made sense, why we are here – how everything seems to come together and makes complete sense. It makes me giggle when it happens – its only ever happened twice – Once, last wednesday night on way to trampolining, and once in the night.

I had some paper, and wrote/drew it all down and went back to sleep – it made complete sense. In the morning the paper did not make sense – there was many calculations, and diagramatic pictures but looked like scrap paper. Some one came in my room and “recycled” the papers in my room to tidy up while I was out at school. I never found the piece of paper again but hoped I would see the meaning again.

It doesn’t happen often – but when it does, it brings a smile and althou I don’t remember why it makes sense, I know that it does but most of the time I don’t understand it.

This may be wierd, but I’m glad I don’t understand why everything happens, or what may happen. I think life has a lot to do with how we get there or anywhere and how we grow. Knowing the answer right away defeats the point and can ruin the acheivement of it all.