Am I Paranoid?

After my last post, some people messaged me to say I should follow up with something about paranoia. I just prefer in life to occasionally have some privacy.

I’ve looked in to the lack of security in IT, and know of many ways that people can see take what may rightly be yours, but take it, twist it and use it for their own means and half the time you would never know until you go and try it yourself.

Is it wrong for them to take your idea, yes… But if you never protect it, its like shouting at the top of your voice your ideas and wondering why someone else has the same plan. Be it email, messengers, facebook, private messages etc.

There are ways to protect your ideas, and help yourself if a little “paranoid” online. From PGP for Email to protecting your conversations in MSN, Yahoo, Facebook chat, ICQ etc using programs such as Pidgin which is an alternative to all the different messengers with one messenger and plugins to encrypt your conversations.

Some Links

So a little privacy is good I think. Would you go round naked, for everything to be seen or use clear envelopes while posting everything. Would you like your personal pin number to be seen by everyone or is that something you’d like to keep to yourself?

Its not like you have anything to hide right? Do you mind everyone knowing your pin number or is that a bit of information you’d like to keep to yourself.

Just a thought

Am I being followed?

I’ve had a very strange senstation today – as though some one or something has been watching everything I do… Be it driving, eating, chilling, or even now… while writing this up.

Its not like a person following, but like something seeing what I’m doing – and its in my mind that I feel it – it is quite disturbing. There is nothing that I can do about it, but still I feel I should share it too.

So, Bank holiday weekend – new one in what feels like a long time, so far nothing exciting – the most I’ve done is the ironing I’ve had laid in a pile ready for something to be done with – at least thats sorted.

Hoping to see a friend tommorrow – Not sure what the plan is but at least it won’t be stuck at home with no-one but kittens to talk too.

Anyhow, Hope your having a good holiday / mini break. On another note, a way I don’t mind people following me is twitter: