Kittens, Cats or Meercats…

Over the past few months, I’ve looked after my parents cats on and off – I still call them kittens althou they are not that small any more. They have lived with my parents since the end of 2008 when they were kittens.

I’ve found them to be quite entertaining. They do like to fight with one another and attack anything that they can. Never leave anything like a remote control, pen, or phone on a table – it will soon be found on the floor as they’ve pushed it over the edge – to them its just another toy and thats why its there.

The weather has been quite windy here, and the cats still insist to go outside… which is fine. I found it funny when I opened the door and they came running in with large bounds, stretching to double their size and then the wind hitting them and it looking like they are now bendy cats. They didn’t seem to pleased and moaned a lot upon getting inside. Give them food, and they are happy.

Can you convert a cat to a meercat?

If you have cat treats its a suprise what they’ll do. I had them both on their hind legs stretching up for the sticks of random fishy stuff. They reminded me of meer cats – so yeah, its possable to make them look like it – not actually change into them Obviously.