No Dairy, That can’t be good!

Over the past few weeks I’ve not been too well. One thing that was pointed out to me was that I may be lactose intollerant… This worried me a lot – I love having milk in many things. I never realised how much I enjoyed milk/dairy stuff in things or how many different things dairy is actually in.

I’ve always had a low tollerance for chesse, and that probably helped with the idea going into my head. I don’t now think I am that as it seems that actually drinking/eating dairy seems to relieve this issues.

I told a few friends and one in particular, gave me a load of good advice on how to cope with it that I would like to share as you could also find it useful.

Some Good Advice

Hanging around in shops reading labels and a LOT of just cooking from scratch.

If you can eat soya, then there are loads of dairy alternatives open to you that I can’t have. Much easier for you to locate safe chocolate too!

Most large supermarkets have a special diets section, have a look, avoid the gluten free baked goods, they are horrible!

This is the butter they get: they have it in big tescos and sainsburys.

Biscuits – cheap bourbons, party rings and rich tea biscuits tend to be dairy free.

There is a dairy free ice cream, sold at most large supermarkets, some even have multiple flavours!

This brand: gets sold in lots of supermarkets, they do nice flavoured soyashakes and mousses and stuff.

I like this because it’s dairy and soy free: I get their stuff from Waitrose.

Pizzas: you could try non-dairy cheese, but it’s a bit weird. They get non-dairy pizza bases, put the tomato puree base on as usual, and load up the veg and bake, cheese free! It isn’t the same.


Be careful with pasta sauces, crisps and pre-packed meats, these can all have unexpected dairy. Cereal and cereal bars often contain milk 🙁

List of dairy things in ingredients:

  • Lactose
  • Caesin
  • Whey powder
  • Milk
  • Cream
  • Butter
  • Yoghurt

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