Friday Night Out :) Good Time.

On friday night I went to a friend from works engagement party and had a really good time. When ever I’ve been out at a work related night I’ve never drank – usually as I needed to drive home afterwards and thats never a mix I want to do. This night was different, Got dropped off and a taxi back later on – was a good plan and worked well.

I have a variety of drinks, usually either malibu or bacardi mixed with pepsi – not as great as coke cola but still worked well. I chose not to mix anything else and was thankful I didn’t. It was an enjoyable night, and was glad to be with friends.

After the engagement party, we headed into middlesbrough to one place that was quite crowded on linthorpe road. I enjoyed the music, but had stopped drinking – I know my general limits between having a good night, and having a good followed by bad night – seems I learned something else from uni after all.

We headed over to what used to be known as the purple onion in middlesbrough after about 30 minutes, and mixed in a wierd set of music – or at least wierd to me – it seemed as thou you had to be high on something more than alchol to “appreciate” the atmostphere – and a lot of people looked like they were on something. We had to pay £5 to get in – It was nice to see people, but we didn’t stay long.

The energy in the place just felt wrong, as thou we and everyone else was being sucked down a drain hole. Spiriling down into something out of place. Many were just going with the flow – others felt it very odd there too but I don’t think they saw it the same as I did.

A small group of us headed back to the other place, and enjoyed the rest of the night there. It was a lot less crowded now – I think many had moved on elsewhere after we had left. We enjoyed the rest of the night, Chatting, Dancing, Taking some really random photos, and some continued drinking althou according to facebook, seems that might have been a bad choice (hangovers).

The end of the night consisted of drinks being sold to some of the group, and then before them leaving the bar – the “security team” trying to throw people out immediatly. I think there is something in law saying that they have to give 20 mins or more drink up time after sales but never actually read that anywhere – just heard it in hearsay. However to sell a product that is unusable could probably be counted as an illegal sale or at least refundable as you were unable to use it but I’m not too sure.

We all got taxi’s home, and rested – some on Saturday were reporting on facebook that “they’ll never drink again” – maybe its just better to know when to stop… a semi-simple approach of when your drink is finished, wait 10 to 20 mins before getting another or having a swap: alchol then soft drink can work quite well too. All in all, a great time out and I’m glad that I chose to go.