Standing for council

A mixture in with recent topics really… polotics… People I know have gone for MP and in Early May they got their position. Next year I will be standing for somewhere – wrote up some of my application forms to be sent in – they took a while. I don’t know where I’ll be standing but would think I would have a good chance to get it.

I’ve always just accepted that you should always help people, and helped with calls and re-directing things for years as you should. My plan – Help people if you can and do what you can, and keep people updated even if it seems nothing is happening – keep people informed and usually its helpful to the person who reported it. Simple – but quite effective – to see something happening and not just nothing then a result.. Its good to see progress.

So, I will be standing in the council next time there is local elections which I think is next year some time. Planning is already in progress. At present we are working on a website for myself and all of the others in the party in this area… Its growing slowly and should have something on it in the next few months or so. I like the idea of keeping people informed as I’ve always wanted to be informed… and since community sites are all the way at the moment – we may aswell take advantage of them while we know how to use them.