Been to the dentist

Today I went to dentist for fillings, I’ve never really liked to go to the dentist – I don’t really know anyone that does. Anyhow, fillings today – they used 4 capsules of anesthetic – apparently thats a lot. The initial one just didn’t work well…

Am I becoming immune of sorts – I don’t think thats good… Its maybe why in the past I’ve had bad experiences – This is the only time I’ve had more than one injection for it, because when they were eventually numb I felt nothing really and thats not what I was expecting… To think in the past, I wasn’t actually numb to it all… well, I can understand why I disliked going so much.

A comment “you don’t eat many sweet things do you?” from the dental place… I wasn’t sure if it was sarcasm or not. Eating however is quite a challenge as now all the anisthetic has kicked in, half my tougue is numb, aswell as my mouth… its one way to stop you eating too much. I was told it should ware off in around 4 to 5 hours, usually 2 but not with that amount… Nice – well actually the dentist was nice even with the drilling etc