Lucid Dreams of Sorts

For a while now, I’ve been able to do lucid dreaming – the ability to conciously take control of aspects within an unconcious state (dreaming) and change/modify to my liking – the realisation that your dreaming and most of the time taking control of the situations. Its something I love to do, and often feel more rested the next day. It allows me to work through issues, problems, and sometimes play out a situation – to see how it could possably happen.

One of the main things I seem to do, is fly – I love the freedom of being able to move up and cover vast distances with the thought of moving oneself through the air. Its strange that I usually only give the ability to myself, and not the many others around me. Many times its out of fear – trying to get away from something then realising that its a dream and knowing I can get away but what funner way of doing so than flying out of reach and zooming away or to something or someone.

I would encourage people to learn lucid dreaming, or developing the abilty to do so. Its not something I can do every night, or whenever I sleep and its something that seems to happen in cycles. For weeks I’ll be unable to even remember dreams then a week where I can control what could happen. I’ve seen many places on how I may do this whole idea of lucid dreaming and taking control but not totally sure how I learned it myself.

I seem to continue some dreams over many nights, often in a row – These are not always ones I control, but are often adventures that in the time of sleep seem to cover many weeks, to months in a night. To live a life of someone else in a week and then it changes and something else happens. But months, maybe years later it continues and I can remember all of the past and often realise its a memory from a dream and that I must be in a dream so I try changing things with thought… and things change and again I am in the controlling phase again.

Why not try it? It can be fun