My time in London

My plan was to come to London for a break, I hadn’t really planned anything just messaged a few friends I hoped to meet up with. The entire plan was get to London, Explore, Meet friends, Head home. I’ve got what feels like a lot done in the few days I’ve been and am here.

Arrived mid mad rush at 6pm Wednesday – the underground reminded me of school buses where its all cram in as much as possable, even thou another is coming in around 7 mins. A good journey down on the train and doing so much walking wandering.

Chinese from china town, quite late on. Seemed late, but probably really wasn’t 9pm ish I think. It seemed in a rush, everything to eat up quickly – it didn’t work.. we just took out time and chatted while eating slowly through the mountains of food produced to us.

I got shown around westminister twice, once with dad but a lot was closed so next day went and saw more. There is so many statues and books in places, and formalities – it was a lot more interesting than I thought it would be and everything so huge…. High ceilings with great shapes and designs and records of who did what or why. It felt a lot like being in a movie with everything large around you in a formal pre now layout with loads of books and statues.

Thursday was exploration day, after westminister I wandered – got the underground to a central point and then wandered through the streets – lots of shops, pubs, chill out places and most of all lots of people almost everywhere… but gorgeous weather – no idea the temperature but was warm to me.

I was meeting a friend at 5ish, ended up closer to 6ish but it didn’t matter as I was chilling out on a large grass area, looking up into the bright sun light and seeing the London Eye wheel. I don’t want to go up in it – looked quite boring, maybe its interesting – probably not.

Wandering through the streets and exploring and chatting. We went down the southbank river walk area and saw many street acts and entertainments – it was nice to see so much, we got food eventually after finding somewhere nice, and it was really nice.