My time in London – Its the Weekend :)

Saturday has been a generally nice day, didn’t feel too well in the morning but thankfully it was gone by around 2pm.

I headed over to the Museum of Science, I liked it but think I enjoyed the History one yesterday more. It was busy, but that is expected on a weekend and in school holiday, but wasn’t so busy that you couldn’t see anything.

I liked looking through the past of computers and time, one item that was a slanted ball and table to count seconds caught my eye – it was said to be quite unreliable but still I liked it.

After the museum, I wandered around for a while and looked for something to eat. I was tempted to try sushi as never done before but couldn’t find anywhere that did a sample seleciton at a price I would pay… I looked for under £15 and the only places that had anything on offer close were empty while other restaurants were full – I didn’t see it as a good sign so ate somewhere else.

Eating alone isn’t much fun if out and about, althou did give me more time to read between service. I noticed while alone, that people serving give off a feeling of disaproval… maybe its always there but I’m destracted from other people to notice it or as being alone, I was just more observent – either way it didn’t feel right

On the way back, a guy decided that the busy underground train was a good place to try some busking, and he had a large portable speaker and microphone of which he sang several songs very badly, and his actions – well… The less said the better to be honest. But he made myself and several laugh – probably not the intended reaction but it was a reaction.

I wasn’t out late on saturday night, back in by 10pm which around London is still quite early. I plan to be at church in the morning – assuming I can find it, then its getting ready to head back up north to Teesside again.

Its been a good break from the norm, don’t know if I could live in the City and Work, but overall its a nice place in my opinion… then again everything unless stated here is my opinion… just to make that seen.

Anyhow bed time now, its 2:49am and really I should be asleep by now but instead almost going to sleep on laptop.