Brilliant Networking

briliant Networking book

I’ve been reading a book named Brilliant Networking – to look at it from the outside, I’d have probably dismissed it – It is a bright flouresent orange with text on it – Not nice for the eyes however this is the worst part.

I’m starting to understand that networking not as in IT but in relationship with people is a lot bigger than first thought. I thought it was about basically trying to sell your business to others, and partially that is still true but its a very small part of the whole idea.

Its more a “help one another get the help needed” and build friendships, and through the friendships a way to talk openly on what your wanting, and what you can do. Sometimes its not what you can do directly but maybe introduce someone else to one another. An example, in the book was a dating site where the matchmaker gets the info from two people and then introduces them to one another and stepping back.

In my sense of it all, it is not necessarily something that you get from it, but people usually do remember those that helped them and refer others to them… another saying “Give lots, Get lots” but sometimes nothing comes from it.

Many ideas which I think I should have realised such as replying in forums, or newsletters or making better use of my blog and twitter. All things I knew, yet have let pass me by before now.

Anyhow, I’m working through the book and enjoying it. Took it to my trip to london, its been suprising how easy it is to find time to read, especially in tranport areas – waiting for things or travelling on them – sitting or standing back and reading. I thought it would be difficult to read with all the moving but seems easy enough and really does pass the time.