The Business – Getting there slowly.

I always knew that there was a lot of accounting, and management of stuff but not really how often you need to do it. I can see how and why there are so many different software products to do things but i’ve not found one in my budget that I can use and do what I need. Its more a scan everything in and save it on computer with a spreadsheet of everything thats happening. Even then it seems a lot of work.

I’ve been going to some “Networking meetings” which I’m learning is not to actually sell your product or service but more to get to know people and possably help others more than yourself but its all new to me which is kind of exciting while at the same time scary but I’m learning and feel my confidence is getting better and in turn think that I mix better with people.

I’m discovering through the meetings that there is a lot more opertunities to meet with people althou I’ve not quite got the rhythem of how to get my business across. It is quite enlightening to watch and listen to how others are mixing, and working with others. Simple things seem to make the most impact – shame I’ve not worked out how to actually convert my words to that way yet… but i’ll get there.