Communication – The HOT Topic

Its strange that “communication” is the topic that comes up in EVERYthing that I’m reading, and working with .

Last week or so on the train, the journey started very quiet… I tried getting people to talk and nothing happened… so vanished into a book… about “Networking – and how to communicate”

“Sev” (guy next to me) asked me about what I was reading after about half an hour and we started to talk… then “Unity” (girl opposite me) joined in too… and sometime later “Graham” joined in too… we all chatted about all sorts, and I was talking that I wanted to know how to communicate better with others

“Graham” was a consultant about managers and businesses, we all talked. “Sev” was a medical student from Toronto, learning in Newcastle for a year, and “Unity” a landscape artist – we all sort of talked… “Unity” left at peterbrough and another girl “Katy” got on… We continued talking the rest of the journey that was delayed… set off around 6:45pm – got to darlington nearer 10:20pm (was meant to be in 9:30)

so a lot of talking… strangely there was no swap of any details, just a nice talk and enjoyable… it was like all the stuff I’d been reading all week, and heard in church came together as a practical way of doing what I wanted but without the pressure of it all… so yeah, I do believe that God puts us in the right places at the right times.

Names are often not related to real people, or maybe they are…