SHH (LPO) The Travelling Beginning

SHH (LPO) The Travelling Beginning

My journey beggins at around 8.00am to go to Nottingham, we made good time and were there quite early. The bus hadn’t arrived, but was in a different place to it was last time, it was actually where it was meant to be so got on for the long trip to Portsmouth ferry port. After some interesting driving from the bus driver. He made some good turns with the huge coach around some quite tight corners.

On the boat we went and watched Shrek 4 – I’ve seen it in 3D – this wasn’t in 3D however it was really funny, and had the added dimension of movement with the boat movement.

There has been a lot of laughter and talking going on so far.

We arrived at LPO in France around 6.30pm, we were meant to be there around 5pm however a pickup of people at train station and airports were running late and the bus waited for them so arrived late on.

It was a good night of introductions and a kind of trusting right away, an instant friendship and laughs. Nice mixture of foods and wine on the welcome buffet, followed by introductions to the site team and the night continued.

I watched as I saw people mingle, and joined in but felt some with more charism, working the groups. It was easy to see, and although they projected joy within the group, it felt they were controlling the group and people yet hiding something deep within. I couldn’t read any more, and somehow that inticed wanting to know more, I still don’t know what to think but have chosen to think – if they want me to know they will say and leave it at that.