SHH (LPO) – A day out of everything

I am on holiday, it really sank in earlier today. I am on holiday – I don’t have anything I need to do, or really be prepared for so what will I do. I felt a kind of relax although knowing that later I’ll checkup and make sure everything is working well. I have friends here, and thats nice to know – to know that later on I’ll meet them in the entertainment area and we will chat about the day past and maybe prepare something tommorrow.

I slept in until at least midday – I had a set of lucid dreams – the awareness that I could change things by choice and take control of everything around me as if it was never that way. I didn’t want to wake up and kept returning to the dreams.

I don’t recall the actual full dreams but I recall we were helping some people and they wern’t pleased, and after they said what they wanted I re-arranged in my mind to what was wanted and then it was as if it always was. Very strange even in dream state I thought. A dream that in myself I realised I could change things to how I wanted with just a thought, but didn’t realise I was truelly asleep just that it was possible.

A day of not really doing anything but: listening to audio books, chilling in the warmth and just stopping, writing, and enjoying the peace around but thinking I should eat soon.