SHH (LPO) – Well… Kinda

I’ve not been well over the past few days, but managed most of Friday OK until around 11pm. I was glad – I got to try the pool olympics games which I enjoyed however our team came last in.

A mixture of games, mainly races of some sort in the pool that seemed against us whatever. An example is the pool being wider for our team yet same distance for the other two teams. Overall – A fun time all the same.

I managed to visit the town centre too on Friday – it seemed very small to what I remembered. I was done wandering in about 20 minutes after shopping and seeing everything I wanted. Maybe it just seems small after visiting London. I’d like to visit the beach if I’m feeling better and the weather is good still the rest of the weekend.

I was asked if I was going to the morning “meeting” as its a good way to start the day… Not sure about that but was awake for a change. Actually saw the change from darkness to light this morning – shame it wasn’t by choice. Feeling exhausted I’ll probably sleep and hopefully be okay later.