SHH (LPO) – And now…. Relaxed

It is the final full day of the holiday and I actually feel quite relaxed and that I am on holiday finally. I am feeling more like me again, and I’m not sure why… Yesterday I felt awful and unwell, I didn’t get anything done that I had planned to do and now find that yesterday was the last day I could have done so.

Examples are the supermarkets are closed on sundays as are all the shops, I didn’t even realise today was sunday until people told me when I went for the bus. So the things I had planned to get to take back are no longer an option and I hope I can get something on the travels back over the next few days.

I’ve had a good day so far, and its only just after lunch. A niggle of a headache but thats not going to stop me enjoying the day. I’ve sat out with friends around a table with drinks, and biscuits and listened as they play a guitar and sing really nicely… some songs I knew, others not so but still really enjoyed being there out in the glorious sun and enjoying the company.

A lot of this break I’ve been alone, be it wandering in town or around the site, or back at the mobile home writing, reading or listening to things. I was very self concious a lot of the time. I felt the ill feelings coming across me early in the week and didn’t want to pull anyone into it aswell as seeing friends now couples and not wanting to get in the way. After chatting, I’ve discovered I wouldn’t have been in the way but thats how I felt and disliked it so did something else.

My plan now is have some more lunch, and go down to the pool for the afternoon. There is a baptism in the pool this afternoon so will not be in it all afternoon, but a good day out in the pool is the plan and I’m really looking forward to it.

In the pool was a good afternoon time spent. Was in there from about 3pm til 6.45pm – well either there or lazing in the sun of which was nice and warm and welcoming. Drenching each other in the pool. It was fun… at one point around 4ish one person got baptised – I wasn’t expecting it but apparently it was planned. I hadn’t looked at any of todays plans so was none the wiser – just lots of people suddenly arriving at the pool side.

Its been a good day. I’ve felt better today than I have all week and althou its heading back time on Monday (tommorrow) I now feel I’ve had a holiday something I didn’t think I was going to feel yesterday.

So until I update on the travels back, I leave this laptop and internet and enjoy the break. I’ll get to emails and messages probably wednesday where I know I’ve a lot to get through – I’ve enjoyed my break, and will come back sometime but this year has been very different and its been good to see so many friends again but for now, aurĂ©-vour and speak soon.