Garlic & Ginger Chicken Mix with Red Wine

I fancied something different tonight, and had a look through the fridge and found a variety of ingredients that all looked tasty and now mixed tastes quite awesome. Its great what can you can make with fresh foods and not too much time. It took around 45 minutes to make, and around 20 minutes of it just to prepare everything nicely.


500g Chicken breast – Chopped into chunks
400g Tomatoes chopped into chunks
6 mixed Peppers (I used red & yellow)
250g Mushrooms
1 large onion
2 large leaks
1 pack of Minced Garlic
Around 10 to 12 leaves of mint
Fresh Garlic
6cm x 2cm x 2cm ish Fresh ginger sliced into fine strips around 2cm long
Red wine
chinese white wine, soy sauce, lime juice

The Method I used

Chop vegitables into small slices/chunks (around same size)
Heat some oil in wok/pan to medium heat
Add Onion, and chopped mint to pan and brown, add garlic and about half the ginger
Leave for about 10 seconds and add chicken.
Splash in some soy sauce, and chinese wine
Cover and allow to steam chicken in mixture for a few minutes

Ginger Chicken garlic combo

In a seperate pan
– Heat a little oil, and add some garlic
– Brown leaks and mushrooms

Pour pan into main pan.

Seperate pan
– Add peppers to seperate pan (no extra oil)
– Stir fry turning reguarly
– Add 5 splashes of Lime Juice
– Continue to stir until peppers are slightly brown

Chop tomatoes and add to main pan
Stir and leave uncovered for a few minutes

Pour seperate pan into main pan
Add remainder of ginger
Add around 50ml of red wine
Cover and simmer
Add chosen seasoning to taste
Stir reguarly & then Serve

I served with noodles, its tasty and so much left. Shame no one is around to help me through it. 🙁