Harvest – Launch Day

I have been asked by a few people where is my yellow jacket as not on stewarding team this year. It is very different, I know of the many jobs involved that are happening but can not do anything about them. I offer advice, which is sometimes accepted, usually ignored.

Main start was at 3pm, a nice warm up, nice to see so many, but is odd not being directily involved, glad I’m not on team at the same time of missing them.

The polotics of stewarding, organising and all… its a lot more complicated that it used to be. There is no real need for the extra things but thats not the point it seems. I saw stewarding as Health and Safety & checking the people who’ve paid or not paid with a mixture of crowd control aswell. Maybe its changed, maybe I just see it with different eyes.

Ministry: I’m at harvest as part of the ministry team this year. I find it difficult to pray with people – the words don’t often come before I say them and I prefer to be organised. I wanted prayer myself, but didn’t know the words. My team member asked to pray for me, and somehow knew for what I was needing without me giving any words.

I became aware that everyone young and old and even those in between, were all the same. It didn’t matter anything – we are of limited time in this universe.

My usual team leader is a leader again this year. She seems good at organising, when she is told whats happening or who is off site. Would help if others would do as asked, some do… others seem to forget what they were asked or thats the way it looks.