Harvest – As it continues

I know of how things used to be, and how things were done and being run. I find it hard to step back and let people be when I know what has & has not worked in the past. My experience is ignored on the most part and it hurts.

It hurts to be passed over year after year, why do I keep going? I guess I’ve thought of harvest as a safe place

I must let it go… All resentments, and questioning, and allow other to learn – even if it’ll be a harder. I hear prayer for others around me (I’m in prayer tent) but it feels like they’re talking to me and my life.

I’ve always struggled with giving everything over to God. Especially When its came to money, I’ve felt I got myself into debt – I should get myself out of it. I’ve said before that I’ve piles and boxes of junk to sell… maybe that’ll help me out of the debts I have.

I also know that giving something over to God doesn’t mean you forget about it… there is still consiquences whatever but you often get more of a peace when given over. I’ve heard people say that they gave it over to God, now they don’t need to bother with it… but we live in a world that has rules and laws and must not forget we may not be of the world but we are still in the world and have to work within it.