Harvest – The End…

The harvest committee has requested suggestions of which I have many. Not sure if they’ll take note of them but think that many could help with an added income to help keep the costs down for the youth that attend.

The stewarding teams are a new generation, seperate from what I would call team – the new members that had not been on a team before were very helpful most of the time, it seemed many of those that had done it before seemed to like the perceived power, and tried to use it as much as possable…

Stewarding in general at harvest is about helping keep people safe, ensuring people have a pass to actually get in, making sure exits are safe and clear incase of an incident, help clear a venue if required and helping ensure the place is clean & tidy. The general rules and regulations – there is more to it but its not a “I have the power to kick you off site attitude” as in reality – they do not.

I’ve had my moan about it, watching from the side of the non steward. I can see a lot of changes. Many kids were showing me bands (passes) and i wasn’t wearing a high vis jacket which was funny… and nice to know I’m recognised in some way.

I’ve made some new friends that are completly seperate from stewarding teams and some really awesome talks. Most of today consisted of meetings and talking it was quite awesome really. I’ve spoken for years that I’d like to get involved helping people and chatting but unable to stop as had to get on with a task. Now I’ve had time to do so and really learn more about my attitudes, thoughts and actions and what else I can do. My mind feels opened up.

This is my last full harvest that I’d be on a team and feel its now as an event should be run by the new generations. Maybe things will work out, maybe fall on its face but they need the chance to get further and learn from their mistakes as we did on different occasions over the years.

I will support it still, it helped me for many years. I started in 1994, then 1996 to 1998 as an attendee then moved to stewarding until last year (2009) and ministry team this year. I would like to try raise money for it as it is a recognised charity and as I’ve said above helped myself plus friends over a rough time of growing up.

I look at my Christian life time. Came Christian in 1989 (Journey in Belief), attended church (sunday school, youth church) regularly, went to church weekends away, started harvest 1994, went to uni was part of CU, and CU Committee, got baptised around 2001, got involved with events around country 2000 til now from Message 2000 to Harvest & IXth Hour, and Just 10. So out of the 21+ years of being a Christian, only 5 or 6 of them was without harvest in them so its still quite an impact in my life.