Since my Last post…

Since my last post many things have changed, and generally for the better.

Headaches none existant – which is glorious. Stopped migrane Meds (I was sick whenever I took them) and detoxed myself… now no more headaches, tummy issues, digestion issues and my weight is lowering too but still need to do a lot more exercise to get the fitness back.

My central heating boiler is apparently not at its best, but still heats the house well, currently shopping for costs of a new one… not that i’ve the money for it.

I’m feeling a lot happier in life, I think a lot of that is to do with not having headaches and not needing to concentrate to block stuff out. I’ve had a lot of good times recently, friends married, time out, lots of swimming…

Been going swimming before work about twice a week for a few weeks, started with about 5 to 10 minutes now upto nearer 30 minutes and its just swimming, gives me time to think, examine the day, pray, and just time out from everything while getting a little fitter and well, really waking up before work. One day I got lost in time and just got to work in time – still I seem to get a lot more done after a swimming start.

Still got a long way to go, but at least there is progress in a positive direction.

Random – Whats on my mind right now

There are many things on my mind at the moment, some troubling, some I’d just like but many things all the same.. I list my thoughts in no particular order but more to get it down that I can refer too later.

Debts of money owed to banks, and loan people.

House mortgage

Garage roof that needs fixing

Front patio/garden hedge area that needs clearing and tidying

Central heating thats on its way out, and expensive to run – Apparently I may be able to apply for a grant to get a new one.

Work – Not really happy there, just working becasuse I have too and can do the job well.

I’d like another job, one where I can help others and be effective aswell as doing something for God. I feel that Ive stopped, and can’t see a way forward, I know there is oppertunities and I don’t seem to get stuck in doing things, they just pass by or responsabilites that hinder my available choices.

I really want to find someone I love, and who loves me and we start a family… and have lots of practice first before the family grows from us two. I’ve seen the joy of many friends with children and am quite jellous at times that i’ve not got that far yet.

I want to be fitter & healthier…

  • No more headaches, tummy issues, digestion issues, reduced weight back to how I was before but with the added fitness to be able to do more.
  • I miss being able to do little things in trampolining, as people rush ahead of me.
  • My balance isn’t what it should be, and sometimes that worries me.

I feel harvest, althou has helped me in the past is dwindling away due to low numbers and increasing costs. I’d like to help but feel many ideas are ignored.

Adobe suite seems to have gone from my learning. It started good and then interest lost and nothing followed. I need to complete it and work on the next levels.
PHP 5/6 & mySQL – Slowly getting there… Not quite got the idea of Classes and OOP but will get there.
Business wise – lots left to learn. Need to update all the books, and records to show whats been happening.

Been learning about networking and need to make a map up of all connection I presently have…. Maybe an idea would be to make a small app online that allowed users to create a kind of connections map… and if people included their ID or shared it – it would link up to new connections and could show a mass network.

I miss many friends, and conections feel lost. I don’t want to loose them but we grow apart. Some friends I spent a lot of time with, but they went to university and I didn’t want to get in their way, I wanted them to grow with the people they were around and well… we just grew apart which was a disapointment. Whereas other frined, I don’t see for months or years and its like we were just chatting yesterday.

I look at my network of friends and say wow, I know so many and seem to have some very excellent and close friends which is so different to school times where I only had maybe 10 friends or 2 or 3 close ones. Amazingly 2 of those I am still great friends with and we often spend time together several times a week.

I am going to try and make up a networking map of all the connections I have, all the friends, what they do in life and any connections they wish to share. Build it up on a computer and see how many and who I know where… the thought of it feels awesomely huge and think it will take a while to do… Facebook will help too – just to remember the names and where I’ve met them from.

Just a few of the places I know people from include:

  • Harvest
  • Spring Harvest
  • Church
  • Trampolining
  • Dance
  • Holidays
  • Work
  • Business
  • University
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Online